Uruguay is also called ‚ÄěSwitzerland of South America‚Äú, because of its important banking sector and its democratic tradition. But this clich√© is not true for the more remote regions far from the big cities, because the big ranches with their classic Estancias, which are marked by horses and cows, remind of the neighboring country Argentina. Here the traditional agriculture of the gauchos mixes more and more with modern tourism.

URUGUAY Your resort


All the ways lead to the coast, and in particular to Montevideo. The capital is the economic and cultural centre of the country. Especially fascinating are the close vicinity and juxtaposition of old and new architecture. In the labyrinthine lanes of the Old Town you can feel the colonial past, and right next to this you will find modern commercial centers and glass palaces. Worth visiting are the beautiful beaches in the centre of the city. Furthermore the city hosts two beautiful parks with exotic plants and quiet places to have a rest among palms and eucalyptus trees.

Mercado del Puerto: It’s a turbulent fish market with a few outdoor restaurants. The guests can watch the cook roast the beef on a huge grill. Beef from the grill, like T-bone steaks, filet steak and rump steak are often listed up on the menu.

Punta del Este

Punta del Este is situated about 120 km from Montevideo. It is also a coastal resort with its two peninsulas Lobos and Gorriti. It is one of the most important resorts in Uruguay with very beautiful beaches. The number of inhabitants doubles in the summer season. VIP‚Äôs and the rich and beautiful come to ‚ÄúPunta‚ÄĚ; the place attracts mainly rich guests from Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and the United States. But there is also a large and growing number of Europeans who have recently discovered this beautiful resort. You can regularly watch colonies of sea lions. The golf course in Punta del Este is said to be the best course in South America. The most exclusive hotel is Conrad Resort. A popular tourist attraction is the casino in the hotel; it is one of the biggest on the continent.

Life in the country

Enjoy your abundance in one of the famous estancias in the country. Visit the big farms of animal breeding and agriculture in the outback of Uruguay. They are offering rides to integral nature reserves, which are the habitats of many native and migratory birds. You should also plan a visit to the dune city of Cabo Polonio, which can only be reached by horse or all-terrain vehicle. In the appropriate nature reserve live hundreds of sea lions, which can be observed and visited without any problems.

The farmers enjoy showing tourists their beautiful country during a romantic ride and to spoil them afterwards with their delicious traditional menus.



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